Warwick The First Lady Chardonnay 2022


The Warwick The First Lady Chardonnay impresses the senses of the connoisseur with its great fruity fragrance, which makes you want to take your first sip. Notes of yellow apples and pears are particularly present and are accompanied by limes. The creamy texture caresses the palate and gives the white wine its full-bodied mouthfeel before it leaves with a fresh finish. The Warwick The First Lady Chardonnay is the ideal complement to dishes with poultry or fish and salad, but the dishes may also be a bit spicier. But also pure the Warwick The First Lady Chardonnay is simply a pleasure.

The First Lady range of wines are a tribute to Norma Ratcliffe. The founder and first winemaker at Warwick estate and of the first women to make wine in South Africa. This wine is the exception to the rule for many that do not enjoy Chardonnay. It is elegantly crafted to highlight the amazing fruit and texture of Chardonnay.

Food Pairing
Chicken Korma

Alcohol: 12.8% vol