Spirit of Rooibos Aperitif 750 ml

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A quest to provide a unique product and offer an experience to taste Rooibos like no other, led the distiller on a journey which indirectly started in 2006. With plenty twists and turns, the alchemy of distillation began in 2015. The medical and medicinal properties of Rooibos are truly mind boggling, with many international medical laboratories coming up with same or similar results: high in antioxidants, free radical scavengers and more. The information can be viewed on “related articles”. Soon after the first production run(2016) an IQ Trophy Award was given to “Spirit of Rooibos“ by the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Competition of 2016. 26 international judges, 46 countries with 1830 entries.

Toward the end of 2016, Spirit of Rooibos entered the New York International Spirits Competition. 600 International Spirit entries, with Spirit of Rooibos being awarded a “Silver Medal”

A premium triple distilled neutral spirit, 28% alcohol, natural Rooibos.

Hand picked and carefully selected indigenous botanical, then infused with a premium triple distilled neutral spirit, to extract the wonderful rich full bodied flavour from the Rooibos plant. A unique herbal awakening, with traces of caramel, followed by a silky smooth feel, hints of spice and lingering wooded undertone.

Served chilled. Enjoyed neat, no ice, no water or as you like it; a great cocktail mix.