Bain's Cape Mountain Whiskey

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Bain’s Single Grain Whisky is a double matured whisky produced from 100% South African Yellow Maize, you may call this corn. We first mature it in specially selected first-fill bourbon casks for a period of three years, we then transfer it to a second set of first-fill bourbon casks for a further 18 to 30 months to extract a full rich flavor like no other.

Inspired by the Cape Mountains and its natural beauty, Bain’s Single Grain Whisky is the first of its kind in South Africa. It pays tribute to the man, Andrew Geddes Bain, who built the Bainskloof Pass that connects the town of Wellington, where our distillery is located, to the interior of the country back in 1853.


2014 GOLD AT THE IWSC. Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky was awarded a gold medal and named best in its class in 2010 and a gold medal at the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 competitions.

Colour: Warm, golden amber.
Nose: Combination of toffee, floral and vanilla aromas.
Palate: A hint of spice softened by the sweet undertones of oak.
Finish: A warm and extended mouth-feel with an exceptionally smooth finish.
Discovering the Whisky: Enjoy Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky with a dash of water which opens up the wonderful flavours or with a few blocks of ice. Make sure you use bottled or filtered water since tap water can vary in quality, negatively affecting your tasting experience.
Food Pairings: The whisky is well complemented by spicy foods and sweet-chilli cashew nuts.