KWV Cruxland Gin (Black Winter Truffle) (0.75L)

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Cruxland Gin infused with Black Winter Truffles. The rare Périgord truffles – originally exclusive to Southern Europe and now cultivated in a few select regions in South Africa – merge seamlessly with no less than thirteen botanicals. The result is a flavour profile like no other: complex, flavoursome and luscious.

A clear, fragrant liquid, Cruxland Gin infused with Kalahari Truffles boasts notes of fresh juniper and lemon, further enhanced by coriander and spices with an earthy character from the Kalahari truffles.

100% Grape spirit re-distiled in potsills with the highest quality juniper berries and 13 hand selected botanicals, infused with Black Winter truffles.