Inverroche Gin Amber 43% (0.75L)

Inverroche Gin is one of the first distilleries to emerge onto foreign shores from the new wave of South African gin makers, that have been steadily creating a bustling gin movement on the southern tip of Africa. The story of Inverroche Gin began in 2007, when mother and son duo, Lorna and Rohan Scott, began experimenting with a 1.7L copper pot still affectionately known as “Mini Meg”. Working through various ideas, learning different techniques and allowing the process to grow organically – 4 years of enthusiastic tinkering and research ensued.

Red bush, Rooibos tea flavours emerge to taste with hints of sweet toffee apples that give way to delicate florals. The spice returns towards the end in a layered and intriguing flavour journey. There’s a good complexity to Gin Amber and with a dry, woody finish it offers up a fantastic depth. If all were served neat, we felt it was probably the most interesting of all the range.