Springfield Estate Life From Stone Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Platters Awards 4.5 * (90 points)

Hailed as one of South Africa's premier Sauvignon Blanc wines, the Springfield Estate Life From Stone is a blockbuster that delivers consistently year after year. If anything typifies Life From Stone, it is the delightful minerality that it derives from the the very rocky soils the grapes are cultivated in. Complex and multi-layered, this is very much a food wine. The minerality is balanced with fruitiness and notes of red pepper and granadilla can be found on the nose and palate. This is a special occasion Sauvignon Blanc, one to enjoy when it's time to celebrate or impress.

The Estate
Set in the heart of the mountain-ringed Robertson Valley in South Africa's Western Cape Province, Springfield Estate is a vibrant, family-run wine farm. It is owned by the Bruwer family, fourth-generation wine farmers and ninth-generation descendants of the Bruères, French Huguenots who came to South Africa from the Loire in 1688 with bundles of vines under their arms.

Alcohol: 12.5% vol