Backsberg Premium Chenin Blanc 2021


2019 The Michelangelo Silver

With its wealth of aromas, Backsberg Chenin Blanc makes the heart of every white wine lover beat faster. The fruity notes range from peach and melon to pineapple and are balanced on the palate by a pleasant acidity that gives the white wine its fresh mouthfeel. Grapes are picked over time between 21 and 23 degree Balling. They are then crushed, chilled and settled overnight. Fermented warmer at 16°degrees Celsius in stainless steel to yield a simple, clean but slightly fuller wine.

Chenin Blanc is exceptionally versatile. It pairs well with salads, vegetables, fish and chicken. Hints of sweetness and a slightly fuller body ensure it complements both spicy and creamier dishes.

The Estate
Nestled on the slopes of the Simonsberg mountain, Backsberg is located mid-way between Paarl and Stellenbosch. Fourth generation proprietor Simon Back and his team are committed to preserving Backsberg’s rich 100-year heritage while making strides as forerunners in areas such as sustainability and conservation. As South Africa’s first certified carbon neutral wine producer, Backsberg follows a ‘tread lightly’ approach that extends from the vineyard to the cellar and beyond.

Alcohol: 12.8 % vol