Amarula Raspberry Chocolate Cream Liqueur (750ml)

Launched in 2019, this product won a Gold medal at the World Liqueur Masters in 2020.

A velvety smooth cream liqueur with notes of raspberry and a hint of citrus-infused baobab extract. Carefully crafted to preserve the rich and distinctive cream liqueur taste of Amarula.

The delicious new cream liqueur infuses the natural taste of Marula fruit with citrus notes from Africa’s ‘Tree of Life’, the Baobab, and then blends them with creamy chocolate and gentle notes of raspberry. Carefully crafted from uniquely African ingredients, this exciting variant offers up a brand new sensory experience for you. Enjoy chilled over crushed ice or in an exotic cocktail.

Taste: African Baobab Citrus notes infused with real Marula fruit, elegantly contrasted with creamy chocolate and a subtle raspberry profile. Creamy, fruity, citrusy Baobab extract, fresh raspberry, balanced with sweet chocolate.

The new variant uses ethically-sourced, African ingredients to offer notes of raspberry and citrus-infused baobab. Serving suggestions include straight, chilled over ice, as a cocktail ingredient or poured over baked desserts.

Alcohol: 15.5% vol