Lovoka Caramel Fusion Liqueur

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Born in South Africa, famous for the richest gold plains in the world. Lovoka is a flavor infused Caramel Vodka Liqueur, best served ice-cold. Lovoka offers a perfect balance of flavors crafted by selecting the finest natural ingredients and infusing them with the purest triple distilled spirit. The result is a sophisticated liqueur with a velvety mouth feel and an exceptionally smooth finish. Lovoka offers a complex, well-rounded flavor profile, featuring all natural caramel flavors, with delicate undertones of toffee and vanilla bean. At 60 proof (30% alc./vol), Lovoka makes a deliciously bold shot, best served ice cold, alternatively can be enjoyed on the rocks, or as the foundation for unique cocktails.

Lovoka has achieved Number 1 in category brand status and walked off with the prestigious Grand Prix Award at the Good Food and Wine Show 2011. Lovoka was recognised for its ground-breaking brand appeal and devoted consumer following. Lovoka has exceeded sales of 5 million bottles worldwide.