IWISA No. 1 Samp (1 Kg)

Iwisa No.1 Traditional Samp is naturally high in energy, low in fat and low in sodium, offering consumers a delicious and healthy meal.

Iwisa Samp is dehydrated bits of corn kernels which are prepared in quite a similar way as when cooking rice. Samp is a great alternative to eating potatoes, pasta, or rice. Iwisa Samp contains no protein, and is very low in oil.

It can be served with lamb, chicken, beef and even used as a versatile stuffing but is probably most well-known for being the key ingredient in traditional Umgqusho - a samp and dried beans dish in which both ingredients are cooked slowly for a long period of time and then seasoned with spices and mixed with fried onions.

Iwisa No.1 is an iconic maize brand and a family favourite, since 1956. It is a brand that has captured the hearts and minds of our nation, building trust and creating wonderful family memories with every delicious meal - whether for breakfast, lunch or supper - through consistent quality, taste and fill.