Colmans Spray and Cook (300ml)

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When it comes to multitasking, Spray and Cook beats the competition hands-down. This means that cooking is as easy as pie with Spray and Cook, which is formulated for use in both microwave and conventional ovens. Ozone-friendly and endorsed by the Heart Foundation, it is cholesterol-, preservative- and colourant-free, maiking it the healthy cook's best friend.

Apart from being the perfect alternative to oil or butter for lining cake, pie or bread tins, there are over 100 novel ways Spray and Cook will make your cooking a breeze. You can still enjoy all those delicious foods you love most, when you substitute Spray and Cook for oil or butter. South Africa's best-loved, most versatile spray, Spray and Cook has an endless number of applications in the kitchen and can be used for frying, baking, braising, sautéing and roasting. Most diet plans allow you limitless use of Spray and Cook because the kilojoule count is so much lower than when using fat or oil for cooking - and you can enjoy the flavour of food with no risk to heart health.