Frozen Boerewors (1 Kg)

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Recipe perfected locally!

Boerewors means "farmer's sausage". It is a hugely popular South African sausage that elicits many prideful feelings and emotions in the locals of this region.It is popularly prepared in all seasons and for all types of functions, occasions and activities. It looks like a sausage coil and is loosely based on an older traditional Dutch sausage called verse worst.

Boerewors is often served with pap which is a traditional South African porridge made from mielie-meal (maize meal) and covered with a tomato and onion sauce (see Maize and Tomato & Onion mix)

This product is prepared for us by Huber's Butchery -Singapore's favourite premium meat and sausage purveyors. Made in-house with beef, pork, salt, herb, and spices. Made with natural casing. No added MSG and fillers. No gluten. 

Best BBQ Sausage ever!