Baggie's Biltong Sticks (175g)

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Baggie’s Biltong Sticks are a traditional South African cured meat produced right here in Singapore. They use Australian grass-fed Halal Beef Steak and marinade in special biltong spices, comprising coriander, pepper and salt. Biltong sticks make a great snack, as they are small strips they are very easy to pick up and chew. It is a perfect healthy snack and packed full of protein (est. 60-65%).

Biltong came about hundreds of years ago, when the preservation of food was a challenge with no electricity and fridges available. The meat was sliced and cured with salt. Over time the curing process evolved, and the end product is the beautiful cured beef biltong we know today.

Spice mix contains:
Coriander seeds and powder
Gluten: No
Dairy: No
Salt: Yes
Nitrates: No
Sugar: Yes

Your Biltong Sticks should be stored in the refrigerator in a breathable container, such as the paper bag it comes in, and kept away from any excess moisture.
For guaranteed freshness you should store as directed and consume within one week of receipt.