Bakers Tennis Caramel (200g)

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Best Before : 30 June 2024

Such a crowd pleaser! We mix flour, eggs, milk, coconut, syrup and a touch of BAKERS® magic and … “viola!” The magic happens.

How Tennis got its name: In 1911, the original Bakersman found a beautifully engraved biscuit cutter in the Baker's factory and realised what a delightful biscuit it would make. So he rolled up his sleeves and started baking in an effort to find the perfect biscuit for this beautiful cutter. He finally produced this masterpiece of delicious coconut, syrup and butter that we all know and love as the Tennis biscuit. Over the years, the recipe has remained unchanged. The Bakers Tennis biscuit pattern and the crisp, golden, coconut-rich recipe is unique to South Africa and to Bakers.