Bakers Assorted Biscuits (200g)

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Best Before : 30 July 2024

Everyone's got their favourite Bakers biscuit. From zesty Bakers Lemon Creams to jam-filled Bakers Strawberry Whirls, everyone's going to find the perfect tea-time treat.

Everyone has their favourite Bakers® biscuit and treasured memories that go with them! Maybe it’s Romany Creams® that you shared with your family as a tea time treat, or Zoo® biscuits that children have loved for generations of birthday parties, or the delicious melting coconut of Tennis® biscuits in your mom’s legendary peppermint crisp tart, or the excitement of making your choice on Christmas day when you finally get to open the Bakers Choice Assorted®, or just that special moment of delight when you dunk your first Blue Label® Marie in your tea in the morning.