Zuzanna's Wild African Kitchen Tiann's Buttermilk Rusks (400g)

The most delicious artisanal rusks imaginable. When Susanna Barnard's autistic nephew, Tiaan needed help with schooling, she launched these rusks to help pay the way. Dubbed Tiaan's Tusks (by him) every cent goes toward his schooling.  Help this amazing boy answer his question; Am I a crazy boy in a sane world or am I a sane boy in a crazy world?

Buttermilk Rusks now available. Each packet of rusks is filled with pure goodness, made with real food ingredients, and baked with love and passion by true artisans. They use stone-grounded Bio-Wheat Flour from the Overberg where the wheat is grounded slowly between stones without exposing it to excessive heat, thereby retaining the nutritional vitamins, wheatgerm and fibre.