Woolworths 100% Arabica Columbian Decaf Coffee Beans

100% Arabica ground coffee has a balanced medium-bodied flavour.
Medium roast

BREWING TIPS RECOMMENDED: GRINDER, ESPRESSO MACHINE Espresso refers to a brewing method that passes water at a high pressure trough very finely ground & compacted coffee. The trademark of a good espresso is the reddish-brown crema that sits atop the liquid. Follow the manufacturers guidelines when grinding & brewing your beans. Grind beans just before brewing. Grind your espresso to the consistency of fine table salt. - Pre-heat your cup with hot water. - Every espresso machine will vary in the brewing pressure and dosage weights, but a good benchmark is 7 grams for a single shot and 14 grams for a double shot. - Based on a single shot, the brewing time for the average espresso machine should range from 18 - 25 seconds. If your time is off, adjust your grind to compensate. Coffee is best served fresh, do not reheat.