Savanna Lemon (Non - Alcoholic) 330ml

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Unapologetically bold, Savanna Lemon gives you the same crisp taste of Savanna Cider without the alcohol!

Savanna Non-Alcoholic's unrivaled taste is amplified simply with a lemon wedge in the neck. There are lots to know, but only one thing to remember. It's made from apples for those with apples. We have been making cider since 1996 from the juice of the tastiest apples around. But our cider is not all sweetness but offers a uniquely crisp, refreshing, balanced drink with an extra lemon zing. We made the Non-Alcoholic cider using exactly the same method as when we make Savanna Dry but then put the liquid through a process to dealcoholized liquid to bring you great taste with the benefit no alcohol. Savanna Lemon Non-alcoholic is made from fermented apple concentrate then Dealcoholized using machinery that strips the water and alcohol out the final product.