Rump Steak (Estimated 300g) Frozen

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Best Before : 3 Apr 2023

The first choice steak for many South Africans. Cut 1 inch thick (Frozen)

By far one of the best known, the rump steak comes from the rear of the animal. This cut is known for being full of flavour, while allowing you to keep it lean by cutting off the fat (if you really want to). It is, however, one of the more densely packed muscle areas, meaning it isn’t always the most tender piece of steak. This one works extra well if it is well marinated, allowing the enzymes in the marinade to break down the fibres first, especially if you prefer your steak more rare.

This Australian Organic Beef product is prepared for us by Huber's Butchery -Singapore's favourite premium meat and sausage purveyors.