CR23 - Waterproof Picnic Mat

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1.9 m * 1.3 m

Marguerite van der Merwe, the owner of Piekant Picnic says the product was born from a problem she experienced being a mother of three kids and always finding herself next to a sport field or on a family outing without a picnic blanket or just an old blanket that she quickly fetched from the wardrobe. She found myself searching the internet and retail stores for a picnic blanket that was easy to carry, waterproof, of good quality and also, being a creative person, something that was eye-catching and not the old boring picnic blanket we all grew up with.

Piekant Picnic blankets work on a very unique way with the cover/bag attached to the blanket. That means no loose bags that can get lost and no struggle to get the picnic blanket back into the bag, you just keep on rolling until the blanket fastens with Velcro