Mister Tjoppie - Non-stick Multipurpose Cooking Mat

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If there's one thing we South Africans love, it's the braai. The smell of smoke and roasting meat is one of the most delicious and evocative scents. But cleaning up afterwards? That's no-one's favourite job. Make it easy with Mister Tjoppie's braai sheet, a high-tech non-stick braai sheet that is dishwasher safe and easy to use.

Simply place the non-stick braai sheet onto the grill and cook food on top of it
Sheet is thin, so grill marks should show on cooked food, the same as if not using the sheet
Can handle temperatures up to 288°C
Ideal for braaing marinated, sticky or delicate food like sosaties, ribs and fish, as well as smaller, fiddly food like vegetables
Also great for grilling sandwiches and baking pancakes, fruit and other desserts
Can be used with a gas grill or over the coals, but should not be used over an open flame (wait for fire to become coals before using)