Ginologist Spiced Gin (0.75L)

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A truly unique blend of the finest spices including black pepper and grains of paradise, complemented by cassia bark, cardamom, and coriander add the complexity and balance to create an unbeatable drinking experience.
A complex array of spice notes on the nose, led by the hard peppers and underpinned by cinnamon notes from the cassia bark. An eastern style London Dry, the Spice gin produces complex spicy notes with hints of cinnamon. The unique and bespoke flavours coat the mouth and tongue with the convivial appeal, finishing smoothly. The complexity and smoothness of the Spice gin make it easy to enjoy neat on the rocks.

It all started by creating an all glass distillation straight-out of a lab set-up and sourcing the best ingredients from around the globe. From the juniper berries that give the gin a perfect base to the botanicals that tease the nose and satisfy the palette. It took months to develop the formulas and after 15 test batches and numerous taste tests they settled on a process that is designed to treat every single part of the recipe with the respect it deserves to unlock the best possible aromas and flavours – a process that had created something unique and worthy of the Ginologist scientific seal of quality. .
The end result, Ginologist, a gin created to be shared with friends, a gin to enjoy while memories are being made. Scientifically formulated to be the perfect drink for any occasion.

37.5ml Ginologist Spice
1 Slice Fennel Bulb
1 Lemon Wedge
Top Tonic Water
Add Fennel & Lemon, muddle. Add Gin & Ice, top with tonic water. Lift with spoon and garnish with Dill.