FUTURELIFE® Crunch Protein Bar Yoghurt Coated Crunch (40g) BB 11/02/23 1 FOR 1

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Best Before : 11 Feb 2023

The FUTURELIFE® Crunch Protein Bar is a crunchy on-the-go snack bar that is high in protein, filled with peanuts, crispy puffed rice, soy nuggets and coated in yoghurt
CARBOLITE™ Formulation

High in protein – containing 20.5g of protein per 100g from 3 sources: full cream milk powder, isolated soy protein and soy protein.
Source of fibre.
Contains soy lecithin.
CARBOLITE™ Formulation: FUTURELIFE® Crunch Protein Bar has been scientifically formulated to provide a high protein, controlled carbohydrate (15g blend). This smart CARBOLITE™ provides a slow, sustained release of energy, curbing hunger cravings and assisting in your on-the-go lifestyle.