Fairview La Capra Pinot Grigio

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Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are exactly the same grape variety, but (and this is key) they have different wine styles. The only reason they are called marginally different names is because they are grown in two very fiercely patriotic countries,  France and Italy. Our Italian-style version is lighter, fresher and fruitier. A dream wine to sip on by the pool side on a hot summer’s day.

La Capra celebrates life, friends and great wine, making wine fun for everyone, while guaranteeing consistency and quality. With a focus on single variety wines, let yourself indulge in the carnival spirit of fruit-driven, approachable wines ideal to enjoy now! 

The grapes were hand harvested at 21° balling, gently crushed and pressed. After 48 hours settling, the clean juice was cold fermented in stainless steel tanks, only free run juice was used. The wine spent time on fine lees before it was stabilized and bottled.

The Estate
Many moons ago, a weary traveller named Attila Balèbôs arrived at the Fairview cellar door on his unique three-wheeled motorcycle. Being an affable and hospitable man, Cyril Back (Charles’ late father) invited him to stay for a few days. Very quickly, Charles and Attila became friends, working the farm by day, and sharing life stories over wine and cheese by night. But one morning, Attila was gone, leaving only his rusting relic of his bike. To this day, the bike still stands silent on the Tasting Room stoep, and served as inspiration for our amazing La Capra range – fruit forward, single variety wines that celebrates youth, new friends, and easy drinking wine.

Alcohol: 12% vol