Nuy Wit (White) Muscadel 2015 (750ml)

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A full dessert wine with a rich straw colour, a bouquet of Muscat and raisins. Beautiful balanced flavour, sweetness and body to complete this syrupy wine.

Nuy Winery is situated in the beautiful Nuy Valley at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains in the Western Cape. Average rainfall is low, but the privately owned Keerom Dam, the largest of its sort in South Africa, ensures a year-round water supply. During winter and spring, temperatures remain quite low, thanks to periodic snow on the mountains. This promotes slower growth of the fruit, resulting in healthy, flavourful grapes. Only 3% of the cellar’s total annual production of 10 000 tonnes is bottled under the Nuy brand. Only the best is reserved for each bottle of Nuy wine.

Alcohol: 16% vol