Cavalli Chenin Blanc Reserve 2022

Fruity and soft - that is the Cavalli Reserve Chenin Blanc. The white wine inspires with its fruity scent of fresh stone fruit, pears and sweet melons. A hint of peach blossom adds a floral component to the bouquet. On the palate, the Cavalli Reserve Chenin Blanc scores with a light pineapple note that is surrounded by fine spices and vanilla. The long-lasting acidity provides the fresh character of the white wine, which was matured for six months in small French oak barrels. The Cavalli Reserve Chenin Blanc should be enjoyed neat, but it is also an excellent accompaniment to dishes with fish, seafood, poultry or pasta.

The Estate

World-class wines that clearly reflect their terroir in Helderberg - that is the trademark of Cavalli Estate. The young winery has quickly developed into a true lifestyle experience in the heart of Stellenbosch, known not only for its wines but also for its cuisine, architecture and original South African landscape. Over a hundred hectares of vineyards and gardens, a riding facility, an art gallery and a restaurant, which was the country's first restaurant to win the Green Star Award thanks to its sustainable design, also extend over the winery.

Alcohol: 13.17 % vol