La Motte Syrah 2017 Magnum 1.5 L

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2013 Vintage -Mundus Vini - Gold, Platter Awards 4.5*, SA Wine Index - Grand Gold

Years of experience in producing this variety have enabled La Motte to combine the grapes of a number of cool terroirs to capture juicy berry-fruit, sweet liquorice, violet flowers and pepper spice. Traditionally a very bold variety, this rewarding Syrah has been refined into a medium-bodied, highly accessible wine. A good vintage for Syrah. Complex aromas of black cherry, mulberry, black pepper and black olives. The juicy entry transforms into a medium body with lively fresh acidity. Lots of finesse in the finish, with white pepper spiciness. Savoury and leathery notes will develop with age.

Food Pairing
The full-bodied character of this wine harmonises perfectly with rich, flavourful dishes, grilled foods (including grilled vegetables), game dishes (particularly those incorporating stewed fruit and sweet aromatic spice components), peppercorn-crusted steaks and barbecued meat in a sticky, sweet sauce. The wine’s abundant fruit also latches onto the sweetness in jellies, chutneys or berry sauces.

For the most part, the La Motte Syrah consists of Syrah. This grape variety is known in the Old and New World and winemakers very much like cultivating it all over the world. Small parts of Grenache, Cinsaut, Petit Syrah and Temperanillo are responsible for even more mature tannins and a strong depth. They make the La Motte Syrah an intense cuvee of a strong character.

The Estate
The winery La Motte has been in existence since the 17th century and belongs to the oldest and most famous wineries in South Africa. Modern technology and an excellent training of the winemakers make sure that the wines meet the high standards of the estate every year. 

When opened right away, the La Motte Syrah is a true pleasure since it already features fine aromas and a strong fruit character. Yet even after some years in the cellar, it will keep these aromas. Through the development in oak barrels, the La Motte Syrah can stay in the cellar for many years.

Alcohol: 13.7% vol